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Earn up to 198 Nibs.

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Did you ever want to buy someone the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted, but weren’t sure which one they’d like best?  Here’s your answer!  A lovely little physical gift card, with free delivery.

This isn’t some auto-generated code that’s emailed to you – this is a credit-card sized bit of premium card with an auto-generated code on the back!  But *you* can make that code mean however much you want it to mean (within £5 increments), and you can even choose to send it with a greetings card.
(greetings card not yet available as it’s being custom made for Pip’s)

Just select the options you want from the dropdown menus, and see how bigger values give you a better deal!

If you want to add a particular message (including which box to tick on the greetings card) please add that to the comments field when placing your order – it will be printed to a sticker and placed inside the greetings card, along with any spelling mistakes you have made.

The code will be activated with the correct value before it’s sent out, so whoever you’re gifting it to will be able to use it straight away.


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