Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Pouches


Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Pouches



Earn up to 12 Nibs.


Pouches of Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate – crumbed in many-flavoured glory!   Though it’s not just hot chocolate…  Keep it for nibbles, or use it in your cooking.  It’s delicious any way you choose.

Each pouch contains 150g of Real Hot Chocolate – enough for seven standard servings.

Allergen information:

Contains Dairy & Soya – Belgian White | Red Velvet | Ruby | Tropical Ruby | Turkish Ruby
Contains Soya – Classic | The Mint One | Black Forest | Orange | Hazelnot Praline | Raspberry | Cinnamon
No Allergens in Ingredients – Pure White | Organic Classic | Black Gold 96 | Midnight Mint | Pitch Black Forest | Obsidian Orange | Nocturnal Nut | Raven Raspberry | Lemony Spice

Even if there are no allergens in the ingredients, there may be minute traces of Dairy and Soya due to shared equipment such as the moulds.  Even though everything is cleaned thoroughly between batches to avoid cross-contamination, it is still possible.

Additional information

Weight 21 g
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 7 cm


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